Resilient. Dedicated. Compassionate.

Meet Gary Terry

It’s time to talk about someone truly willing to step up and battle for you—Gary Terry. He graduated from West Point back in 1982, and he’s done so much since then. He’s served as a military officer, worked as a corporate executive, and even started his own businesses. Plus, he’s led organizations like the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs. 

Gary grew up in a small town called Henderson, Kentucky, living with his parents and four siblings in a housing project. Despite these humble beginnings and lacking privilege, he excelled in high school as both a top student and an outstanding athlete. That hard work paid off when he got into West Point, where he graduated with a degree in Engineering. 

After serving five years in the Army in Germany and Texas, Gary transitioned to civilian life, taking on roles at Corning Glass Works and General Electric. 

But he didn’t stop there—he’s an entrepreneur at heart. Gary founded an advertising agency and a nursing school and helped grow an international engineering development corporation. His knack for leadership and strategic planning has always shone through, making a real impact wherever he goes.

 As the Executive Director for the YMCA in Cincinnati and Columbus, and later as CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Danville, Gary expanded these organizations and led them to new heights. His work with non-profits has been phenomenal, helping them grow and adapt to meet community needs. Gary’s a down-to-earth guy who truly cares about making a difference. He’s a moderate problem solver who wants our government to work better for everyone. He’s concerned about the current state of things in Washington and believes in efficient, effective, and cost-conscious governance. Gary’s ready to bring his skills and experience to Congress to fight for the people of Southside Virginia. He has never surrendered to political cynicism or discouragement, always believing in the power of positive change and collaboration.

Living in Danville, Gary is deeply involved in his community. He’s a Mason, a member of Rotary and Kiwanis, and the 2nd Vice President of the Lion’s Club. He’s also a proud dad to three sons and a granddad to one granddaughter. In his free time, Gary loves hiking, camping, reading, theatre, and mentoring youth. 

Gary Terry is the kind of leader we need right now. Someone who can bring people together and get things done. Gary will be out there, doing the heavy lifting to make sure government works more efficiently for everyone. He wants to ensure that public services are effective, that tax dollars are spent wisely, and that everyone in the 5th District gets their fair share of benefits. This means better roads, better schools, and better opportunities for families and businesses alike.

Gary understands the numerous struggles, with rising electric bills and grocery prices being among them. He recognizes the stress and emotional toll these hardships have on all of us. He is determined to address these issues head-on, advocating for policies that reduce costs and make everyday essentials more affordable. His work will directly impact daily life by improving local infrastructure, supporting small businesses, and ensuring access to quality education and healthcare. 

Feeling inspired by Gary’s story? Step up and support his cause. His mission is to fight for your cause while you bravely navigate the profound difficulties of modern-day American life. Please remember, no amount is too small; Gary’s life of service has shown him how to turn your gift into action you can believe in. Thank you. Paid for by Friends of Gary Terry.

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